ViDi founder Tanner Yarro witnessed a scene while leading a youth trip that forever changed the direction of the ViDi brand. When one youngster, McKinley, was teased and laughed at for having an inexpensive, “off-brand” action camera, Yarro saw an opportunity. Why not split the profit margin of the basic action camera business model with the end consumer, and make the cheaper brand “cool,” with the help of pro athletes who are often no strangers to low income upbringings?

ViDi soon found their ideal supplier, developed a printing technique allowing customized camera cases — thus marrying action and tech with fashion and style — and started connecting with audiences. It was also important for Yarro to provide an excellent customer experience right out of the box. Frustrated by other brands that require expensive add-on products to even function at a basic level, ViDi does things differently with $99 ready-to-go cameras that are more easily accessible

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. Instantly connecting with youth through events like a flashmob skate contest, trade shows, and handing out T-shirts (and cameras to a lucky few) at concerts, ViDi and its brand ambassadors create relationships with youth that last. Even if it’s as simple as a “great job” comment on an Instagram post, it’s the human-to-human connection that helps ViDi “remember the why.”

Key Takeaways

  • ViDi founded to solve the problem of the “upsell” with other action cameras – they aren’t ready to use out of the box but require expensive add-on products.
  • Founder Tanner Yarro witnessed a kid being made fun of because he had an “off-brand” camera; it inspired the lower price point of ViDi but with branding that could make it cool for kids.
  • Many professionals in sports like skateboarding empathize with a lower income upbringing and are helping to promote the brand.
  • ViDi developed the printing technique to customize the cases of the cameras, and teams up with local artists for fresh designs.
  • “Your pre-order is your vote” so they aren’t stuck with excess inventory.
  • Flashmob skate competition helps connect the brand with kids, giving cameras as prizes and connecting kids to pro athletes.
  • Brand ambassador program involves mentoring kids through social media.
  • Because the designs are custom, ViDi is growing fan base in varied arenas (from skate parks to Korean pop).
  • Goal for the future: fully customizable designs for individuals.
  • Connecting with individual consumers and maintaining relationships; founders connected with teens at a trade show and continue to text and mentor them.

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