Today we are spotlighting Adam Ierymenko of ZeroTier

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. ZeroTier makes it easy to securely connect devices, servers, cloud VMs, containers, and apps everywhere and manage them at scale. This episode is powered by, where you can discover tomorrow’s startups today and Make in LA, empowering you and your business by making hardware not hard. Connect with us at and tweet @WeAreLATech and @EspreeDevora.

What is your ask from the community?

More events in Irvine would be great.

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Welcome to WeAreLATech’s LA Startup Spotlight!
“Directly Connecting the World’s Devices”

WeAreLATech Podcast is powered by BetaList, Discover and get access to tomorrow’s startups and also Make in LA, Empowering you and your business by making hardware not hard.

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Host, Espree Devora Guest, Adam Ierymenko of ZeroTier

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