Today we are spotlighting Brian Foley of LA Tech Digest. LA Tech Digest aims to build a snapshot of what’s going on in Los Angeles / Silicon Beach — the startups, the old guard, the VCs, the events — to tell the story of the people, places, and things that make LA unique. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Sky Kelley of Avisare. Avisare is committed to creating a B2B ecosystem where everyone from the solopreneur to the 100-person company can grow their business. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Jacquie, John, & Tyler of Built In LA. Built In LA is the online community for Los Angeles startups and tech companies. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Rachael McCrary of Jewel Toned

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. Jewel Toned is globally boosting women’s confidence and curves with a fun, new intimates brand made by fashion experts. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Leila Najafi. Leila shares her tips & tricks on forming relationships & building a brand in the LA tech community. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Lisa Mae Brunson of Wonder Women Tech

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. Wonder Women Tech (WWT) is an organization that produces year-round programming and national and international conferences that highlight, educate, and celebrate women and diversity in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), innovation and entrepreneurialism. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Rahul Sonnad of Tesloop. Tesloop offers city-to-city shared-car transportation, that leverages both the low cost of electricity and the rapid advancements in autonomous driving technology. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Katelyn O’Shaughnessy of Tripscope. TripScope carefully hand-selects the top agents from around the world to deliver their services and expertise for each individual traveler. Continue reading