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Today we are spotlighting Kate Edwards of Heartbeat

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Today we are spotlighting Hassan Sarwar of InfiniOne. InfiniOne is a fully integrated digital studio for iOS, Android and web app development catering to startups and enterprises to build mobile first products. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting Kluge. Kluge is a unique digital agency that sits at the intersection of business strategy and design. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting NOBL. With simple tools and practices, NOBL boosts employee retention, market responsiveness, and overall profitability. Continue reading

Today we are spotlighting PrimeMind

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ViDi founder Tanner Yarro witnessed a scene while leading a youth trip that forever changed the direction of the ViDi brand. When one youngster, McKinley, was teased and laughed at for having an inexpensive, “off-brand” action camera, Yarro saw an opportunity. Why not split the profit margin of the basic action camera business model with the end consumer, and make the cheaper brand “cool,” with the help of pro athletes who are often no strangers to low income upbringings? Continue reading

In the first episode of the Hello Customer Podcast, Espree interviews Cassy Miller-Crispe on how Afends provides customer support through live chat and integrates the community and its customers with the brand

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